Welcome to Aqafarina

Masterpieces of Italian taste
We Prepare Everything To Order

The best authentic flavors, from cold cuts and cheese to pasta, salads to focaccia, enjoy the authentic flavors of our artisanal products.

The Best of the Italian Tradition

Certified ingredients: DOP, IGT, STG, BIO, and homemade fresh pasta; all our recipes are handed down by our grandmothers, Bolognese, Carbonara, Pesto, and more.

An informal setting and
a friendly staff

A unique dining experience, our staff will be happy to give you suggestions and explain our selection of delicacies.

"Aqafarina is a unique dining concept featuring freshly prepared Italian cuisine.  In this informal setting, one can enjoy slices of pizza, filled focaccias, cold cuts and cheese, and fresh pasta with traditional sauces. From cold cuts and cheese to pasta, from salads to bruschetta, we prepare everything to order. In this way, we can offer you the best of the true flavors of all those artisanal products we have selected for you that have made Italian cuisine famous worldwide.
We produce the pasta and the sauces daily from recipes handed down by our grandmothers, such as Bolognese sauce, Carbonara, or Basil Pesto, iconic dishes of Italian cuisine. A visit to Aqafarina is an authentic Italian gastronomic experience.

My staff and I are happy to give you suggestions and explain the menu to make this moment enjoyable and special."

Luca Bastagli Ferrari

Focacce Toscane

Our focaccia is prepared by hand with extra virgin olive oil to enhance it with its natural goodness, and then flavored with coarse salt.

Our sandwiches are filled with a selection of Italian gastronomic delights: sauces, cheeses, and cold cuts skillfully assembled for your pleasure.

fresh pasta, gnocchi Ravioli and tortelloni

Our pasta is served at the table directly from the pan in which it is browned with the sauce.